An award-winning independent school in Mount Pleasant, SC

Mission and Vision

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University School of the Lowcountry is an independent school serving grades 3-12 that engages students in a variety of empirically proven and forward-thinking educational and service opportunities both in and outside of the classroom and challenges students in age-appropriate ways to excel academically while growing in emotional intelligence in a culture that teaches and practices the importance of citizenship.


Our vision is to develop outstanding students who are well-prepared to be scholars, leaders, and global citizens of the future.

Core Values

We develop discerning smart students by learning first-hand from experts about a range of topics outside the

We foster leadership by providing opportunities to lead.

We create a caring and inclusive environment by embracing diverse perspectives and individuals.

We nurture compassionate and responsible students by serving our neighbors and community organizations. 

We encourage wellness through multi-faceted principles that promote student development and resiliency.

At University School of the Lowcountry, we develop informed global citizens.

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Visiting sites of historical significance, like the Yorktown Battlefield in Colonial National Historical Park, provide students with an educational experience like none other.
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USL is a charter member of the International African American Museum and took a small group to the museum’s opening day in June 2023.
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Students are encouraged to work collaboratively, fostering leadership skills and confidence to pursue their learning passions.