An award-winning independent school in Mount Pleasant, SC

Signature Programs

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An education experience that goes beyond classroom walls

Our Signature Programs are what make USL so markedly different and engaging. These programs are where Learning by Doing takes on a whole new meaning. We get out in the world and explore!

Learning Outside the Classroom

Students spend one day per week away from campus having experiences that challenge and inspire them. This entails over 30 field trips per year. 

Student Development

We encourage wellness through multi-faceted principles that promote student development and resiliency.

Civic Education

USL prepares students to be engaged and informed citizens. Students consume news daily, hear from candidates from different political parties, and participate each election day. 

Cultural Experiences

A variety of cultural experiences help USL students foster empathy and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Community Service

University School has participated in Trident United Way’s Day of Caring since 2009 and contributes hundreds of hours of service at nonprofits and schools across the Tricounty area. 

Exploration of Faith

To prepare to be better-informed citizens of the community and the world, students learn first hand about faiths by going to houses of worship to explore and talk to adherents of that religion.

College & Beyond

Students at USL gain the tools they need to navigate a complex world through college counseling, our Job Shadow program, our Leadership & Life Skills course, and more.

What could we learn if we nurtured our inner curiosities?

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Students pause after touring the beautiful historic grounds at Middleton Place.
usl academics signature programs 3
Students participate in a yoga demonstration and practice to kick off the school day.
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We believe in going to the experts, seeing things for ourselves, and developing our critical thinking skills. Guest speakers regularly visit USL.