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A group of USL students join a Morehouse College student in front of a statement building on campus


A balance of rigorous academics and experiential learning.

University School serves grades 3-12 in a co-educational and non-sectarian environment. We offer a balance of rigorous academics and an intensive focus on experiential learning. Being small and flexible means we know our students as learners. We have the freedom to meet them where they are academically and strike the right balance of guiding them toward growth. This allows our students to meet themselves at their edge of learning, push themselves toward their goals, and achieve academic milestones at an often accelerated pace. 

Intermediate School

Grades 3 – 5

Middle School

Grades 6 – 8

Upper School

Grades 9 – 12

Students at USL are provided individualized attention to spark their interest in learning as well as a strong connection with their peers, empathy towards others and the importance of community involvement.

– Peggy Courtney, Parent

We meet students where they are academically and guide them toward growth.

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At USL, teachers are able to spend extra time offering thoughtful encouragement to our students.
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Adding large numbers is a fun challenge; small class sizes mean we can adapt our teaching to students’ needs.
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With small classes in every division, our students have time for fun learning activities that allow them to develop meaningful friendships with their peers.