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USL Alumni, William Eustis, Embarks on a New Career

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alumni profile william eustis

USL Alumni William Eustis MS ’15 recently shared an update of what’s happening in his world.

I just graduated from the University of Illinois in December 2023. I majored in Computer Engineering. My focus and research at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications was on the design and application of largemachinelearning accelerators (linked are some of the machines that I worked on/helped set up). 

It was a difficult choice between returning to academia for an MS or PhD or going into industry, but I ended up choosing industry. 

I started full-time at Jump Trading as a Hardware Engineer in September. In short, the company works in high frequency trading. I’ll be designing hardware to accelerate the trading and the necessary networking.

Before work I travelled, recently to Spain with my brother (and fellow USL Alum) and then to Colorado.

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