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USL won all three divisions of the SCISA State Math Meet! 

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This is quite a testament to our Math program at University School, and the credit goes to our Math teachers in all three divisions: Nikki Brockman, Tiffany Thompson, and Jody Lemmon.  We also have a robust student mentoring and leadership program in Math that ranges from students serving as teaching assistants to our collective Math work (paired practice with math flash cards, math fluency games, etc) in Morning Meeting and other times.  Our students also benefit from our individualized approach to the subject: students take classes at the level where they need to be.  This includes students in the IS taking advanced math (Middle or High School level) when they are ready and US students taking classes beyond Calculus I at the College of Charleston. No other school in the state does this.

– The Elementary/Intermediate School claimed the championship in the inaugural year of competition in this division.  We had 4 of the top 10 individuals.

– It was the Middle School’s 9th championship in 11 years!  We had 5 of the top 10 individuals, including the top 2.

– With today’s victory, the Upper School has won twice and been Runners-Up four times in nine years! We had 5 of the top 10 individuals, including the top 3.

Intermediate / Elementary School Participants:

Charlotte Cochrane, Arjun Dembla, Michael Fitzgerald, Courtlandt Hirshorn, Everett Houlton, Ethan Howe,
John Ross Kreutner-Eady, Ethan Parham, Leah Parham, Judy Still, Monica Walker

Middle School Participants:
Seth Beutel-Green, Max Bluestein, Lainey Fosberry, Oliver Gramling, Mingus Gubbels, James Oliver, Grayson Leeke,
Rylan McCrae, Jamal McElveen, Gabrielle Nery, Eliza Thomason

Upper School Participants:

Massiel Acosta, Killian Fillippa, Andrew Fleming, Ben Flessas, Frank Gibbes, Charlie Gibson, Bennett Gilhuly,
Declan Hopkins, Milo Mair, Riley Ruppel, Luke Williams

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