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Summer Assignments

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Summer Assignments

Enrolled and incoming USL students are required to complete summer work assignments in math and reading. Below is an incomplete list as of May 17th. Please check back for additional work assignments. For questions regarding summer work assignments, please contact Nicole Brockman.


Rising 3rd Grade Math

Rising 4th Grade Math

Rising 5th Grade Math

Algebra Readiness

Rising Pre-Algebra

Rising Algebra 1

Rising Geometry and Algebra 2

Rising Pre-Calculus

Rising Calculus


Intermediate School Reading Assignments

Middle School Reading Assignments

Upper School Reading Assignments


1)To review during summer break, making flash cards (index cards in a ring) is highly recommended. Please refer to the downloadable PDFs and Quizlet links below:

Spanish 1B National Spanish Exam Vocabulary

Spanish II National Spanish Exam Vocabulary

Spanish IV National Spanish Exam Vocabulary

Spanish 1B NSE vocabulary – Quizlet link:

Spanish II NSE vocabulary – Quizlet link:

Spanish III NSE vocabulary – Quizlet link:

Spanish IV NSE vocabulary – Quizlet link:

2) Vocabularies to review/study during the summer break:

Spanish 1A – Quizlet links:(they do not participate in the NSE, just to study general vocabulary that we’ll learn during the year)

El cuerpo (the body parts):
El alfabeto:
Los colores:

MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS (for each division for 2024-2025):

Intermediate School

print subscription to The Week Junior magazine (

Middle School

print subscription to The Week Junior magazine (

The US subscribes to The Week (geared to older and more advanced readers), and MS families can subscribe to it ( instead for their student when they feel they are ready.

Upper School

(1) A print subscription to The Week magazine (

(2) A print subscription to Consumer Reports Magazine (  1 year is $35 from the non-profit Consumers Union. They feature a $59 all access membership (web and print), and you just have to look carefully to find “the print only” option on the page to join. It is a powerful and valuable resource for economic and personal finance issues that face families and our country, and maintaining a subscription would be a shrewd move as students become independent adults faced with an array of ongoing decisions regarding money and purchases

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