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Guest Speakers offer USL students opportunities to learn from the experts

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USL values students learning and understanding the world through experiences and experts. We want to empower USL students to be engaged in civic life. We are building life skills in our students to foster future leaders. These values drive our program of hosting Guest Speakers.

USL welcomes current parents, grandparents, and former families and alumni to attend. Please leave the Q&A to the students.

Below is a full list of Guest Speakers from the first quarter of the year, as well as a list of speakers anticipated for the second quarter:

  • Libertarian Party representative
  • Green Party representative
  • Mt. Pleasant Town Council Member Gary Santos – shipping and port management (before we tour the Wando Welch Terminal)
  • USL pioneer student (’09 graduate) Anna Grace Ewing – Maersk – ocean shipping
  • Emory University Law Professor Polly J. Price – author of Plagues in the Nation on the government and legal responses to COVID and earlier pandemics and public policy successes and failures
  • Greg Nery, US Navy, Prospective Executive Officer, USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier (CVN 77)
  • Dr. DuBose Kapeluck, The Citadel Professor of Political Science
  • Young Adult author(s) through USL’s Sara Peck and her leadership with YALLFest
  • Dr. Joseph Kelly, C of C Professor of Irish and Irish American Studies

First Quarter Guest Speakers:

  • Jennifer Berry Hawes – Post and Courier Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
  • Grace Beahm Alford – Post and Courier photographer and 2013 S.C. Photojournalist of the Year
  • Dr. Annie Andrews (Democratic) & Rep. Nancy Mace (Republican) – opponents for US House District #1
  • Mount Pleasant Town Council Member G.M. Whitley – federalism, life skills
  • Bucky Buchanan, C of C Exercise Science Professor- “Harnessing One’s Mind and Body to Grow”
  • Rachel Pineda, Charleston Hospice
  • Dr. Jenna Abetz, C of C Communications Professor – interpersonal and family communication 
  • Maka Aptsiauri – owner of Euro Foods in West Ashley. She is Ukrainian and has been organizing relief shipments since the invasion by Russia

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